Orders received are subjects to our terms and conditions of sale (which cannot be modified in any way by our representative) and acceptance by us.
Orders for goods must be signed by the authorized purchaser and chopped with Company stamp and the signature of the Poison License holder is necessary for the order of scheduled poison items.

Minimum Order Value
This should be not less than RM300.00 per order.

Prices prevail at the date of delivery and are subject to change without prior notice.

Credit Facility
The credit term extended to your business is strictly within 60 days from date of invoice. For example, invoiced billed in the month of January 2020 shall be fully settled before end of March 2020. We reserve the right not to supply goods to your outlet until full payment is received. We also reserve the right at any time hereafter to reduce or withdraw the credit facility as part thereof should you fail to settle any of our bills within the terms specified.

Late Payment
Kindly send your due payment within the specified credit terms, quoting your account number and the invoice  number(s) paid for. Interest at 1.5% per month will be charged on overdue accounts. All payments will be registered in the credit entry of your monthly statements. No receipts will be issued unless requested.